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Walk In Showers

• A true walk in shower makes it easy to walk or roll into the shower without any impediment.
• A walk in shower solves the problem of getting into and out of the shower or tub for the user and the caregiver.
• At Forever Active we fully recess the shower floor to create a walk in shower, install a handheld shower and help you select the right shower chair as well.

Walk In Showers are curb-less showers and are easier to get in and out of than conventional showers or bathtubs. The floor of a Walk In Shower is level with the bathroom floor eliminating the step that is often difficult to navigate.

Independence: A Walk In Shower can create the independence and safety that we all want in the bathroom. Removing the curb also creates rolling space in the bathroom for a wheelchair user and will make a smaller bathroom much more accessible.

Process: Forever Active can create a Walk In Shower of any size – but bigger is usually better. The process involves recessing the shower floor, lowering and repositioning the drain, installing a new shower floor, and installing a secondary drain outside of the shower area to prevent any water puddling outside of the shower area. Forever Active can either install a prefabricated sloped shower base or create a custom sloped tile floor. We install an adjustable hand-held shower with a shut-off valve allowing the bather to give themselves a private shower. A drip rail is installed between the base and the floor to prevent water from escaping.