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• The toilet is often the biggest challenge in the bathroom. Forever Active understand the issues and can help

• Solutions range from simple grab bars for stability to a Toilevator to raise the toilet, and toilet frames and automatic lifts

• Let Forever Active determine the solution that best fits your needs

Toilet Spacer (Toilevator)
Excellent for raising your existing toilet (from the bottom) 3.5 inches. Easy to install. Can be installed to your existing toilet or can be added to an oval shaped handicapped toilet.
Dimensions: 22" long x 11" wide x 3.5" high
• Raises your existing toilet 3.5 inches
• Enables you to use your own seat
• More stable and hygienic than "sit on top" plastic toilet raisers
• Made of a very hard durable plastic
• Weight Capacity is 500 lbs.
• Creates MORE space around toilet
• Looks great
• Toilet Risers are much cheaper than buying a new raised toilet

Power Toilet Aid (PTA)– Electric Toilet Seat
The Power Toilet Aid (PTA) is power toilet lift designed for individuals with musculo-skeletal or neuromuscular limitations due to disease or injury. The user will transfer to the PTA, lower the seat down to the toilet with a touch of a button and back up again when finished. It will lift the user approximately 13” above toilet height, bringing them to a standing position. The Power Toilet Aid will help reduce stress on the knee and hip joints and is safe and comfortable for the user. Another benefit of the PTA is reduced potential of back injuries among attendants caused by lifting patients. The PTA is easy to use; a lift switch is mounted for fingertip toilet heights and is available in regular and mobile models.

Folding Grab Bar (PT Rail)
Excellent for the toilet, shower and bathtubs areas! Gain extra support for: beside the toilet when there are no traditional grab bar installations possible, transferring over to the toilet from a wheelchair, standing at the toilet (males), getting into or out of the bathtub, getting into or out of a glass shower enclosure. Powder coated white. Easily fold-up vertically along the wall when not in use. Available in 23", 27.5", 31.5" and 35" lengths.
• Grab bar works for toilet or bathtub areas
• Perfect solution when the wall is too far away from the toilet to reach
• Folds up and out of the way for transferring from a wheelchair
• Locks into vertical position
• 23", 27.5", 31.5", and 35" lengths