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Safeway Step in Pasadena

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The edge of the bathtub is in many cases the greatest obstacle to safe and secure bathing. In cases when a barrier free or walk in shower are inappropriate requiring bathtub accessibility modification, Forever Active can install a Safeway Step bathtub to help make transitioning into the bathtub easier and safer. Just in case you still want to be able to fill your bathtub with water, we can install the Safeway Tub Door. The Safeway Tub Door works the same way as the Safeway Step kit with the additional feature of having a water tight sealable door.

Installation of the Safe Way Step or Safeway Tub Door includes cutting a section of the existing bathtub and custom fitting the resulting opening with a Safeway Step or Safeway Tub Door. The Safeway Step reviews allow you to know what can be installed in most types of bathtubs, including - fiberglass, steel or even cast iron!

Benefits and features of the Safeway Step & Safeway Tub Door include:

  • Adds a water-tight sealable door to your existing tub.

  • Eliminates the need to rip out the existing bathtub.

  • Provides easier access into bath/shower area.

  • Reduces the possibilities of falls.

  • Typically Installed in less than one day (3-4 hours).

  • Cost to install products is a fraction of the cost compared to expensive bathroom remodeling job.

  • Inexpensive and ideal solution for personal residences, senior housing, hotels and other locations. The Safeway Step cost is very affordable for everyone.

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