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Wheelchair Ramps
• Great for short-term applications or for areas that only need a ramp occasionally
• Portable Ramps are easily stored out of the way
• Aluminum threshold Ramps are also a great solution for that last step into the house.

Roll-A-Ramps (pictured below) are aluminum ramps, that instead of folding down the middle, roll-up. This makes the Roll-A-Ramp great for storage and transportation.

• Lightweight: 8’ x 30” ramp weighs only 31 lbs
• Strong: Supports 1,000 lbs
• Durable Aircraft Quality Aluminum – 10 Year Unconditional Warranty
• Versatile: Add length or separate into shorter sections for easier handling
• Flexible: Take a section off a longer ramp, add an Approach Plate and use as a second shorter ramp to take with you. When you get home, simply hook it back on.