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Grab Bars in Pasadena
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• Grab bars may be all that is needed for safety, stability and independence. Grab bar installation is quick and easy.
• Shower grab bars provide a hand-hold and the little extra for balance when in the shower, tub or getting on/off the toilet, which is the exact reason grab bars for showers have been designed.
• Grab bars can be mounted on the wall or floor. Depending on needs, grab bars can often be swung out of the way when not in use. (Learn More)

Balance is a key challenge for persons with disability as well as the elderly. Handicap grab bars are the easiest way to provide the necessary support for the independence we all want. Toilet grab bars and bathrub grab bars offer additional support and safety.

Applications: Grab Bars are useful almost everywhere in the bathroom:
• For getting on/off the toilet
• For getting up/down and in/out of the tub
• For stability in the shower
• As handrails for stability navigating between bathroom fixtures
• At the sink for stability

Types of Grab Bars:
• Standard Grab Bar – Chrome or stainless steel mounted on the wall – preferably with a textured finish to improve grip
• Colored Grab Bar – Similar to the standard grab bar – but they are painted and usually have a smooth finish that can be slippery
• Designer Grab Bar – designed to match the other metal fixtures in your home
• Specialty Grab Bar – are integrated with a soap dish or toilet paper holder that make them hard to identify
• Super Poles – mount between the floor and ceiling to create a stable post to provide support when sitting or standing
• Hand Rails – are useful and easy to add throughout the home to provide stability while moving around the house.