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Doors and Doorways: Doors and Doorways can often create surprising barriers. Forever Active often widens doorways or reverses the swing of doors to create the extra room required. If only a little additional space is needed - “swing-clear” hinges can create that extra 1-1/2" which often makes all the difference. Quite frequently, we replace door knobs with lever handles to provide easier access.

Sliding or Pocket Doors – Sliding or Pocket Doors are yet another option to consider where space for a door is an issue and there is no room for swing clear hinges. What we do at this point is remove the door completely and make space in the wall for the door to slide in or place tracks on the outside wall and have the door slide.

Automatic Door Openers – which allow the user to enter/exit without having to touch the door, are often a big help for our customers