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• Bath Lifts create independence – making it easy to get in and out of the tub to soak.
• A battery powered reclining bath lift will lower you safely and easily into the bath.
• Features strong, stainless steel frame that safely supports up 375 lbs

The therapeutic value of bathing is recognized by most of us. To simply relax in the bathtub, gently easing away your stresses, aches and pains is one of life’s pleasures. Should you find access to your bathtub difficult for any number of reasons, there is a solution.

With a battery powered reclining bath lift, you can once again enjoy the luxury of a soothing and comforting bath. Simply press the DOWN button and lower yourself safely and gently into the bath. Once lowered, it will start to recline. You can then select the most comfortable bathing position at the touch of a button. Pressing the UP button returns the bath lift to the start position.

Features Include:
• A washable, anti-slip gel seat cover for added comfort
• Large folding side panels which open to create a generous transfer area
• A strong, rustproof, stainless steel frame that safely supports up to 300lbs
• Securely fixed by suction cups, easy release for storage or use while traveling