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The ADA (Americans with disabilities act) has implemented a rule regarding public pools, wading pools, and spas.

The rule basically states:
-Swimming pools with less than 300 linear feet of pool wall, at least one accessible means of entry shall be provided -- a Swimming Pool Lift or a sloped entry.

-Swimming pools with more than 300 linear feet of pool wall, at least 2 accessible means of entry shall be provided. It is recommended that the primary & secondary means be different.

-The primary means of entry shall be a Swimming Pool Lift or a sloped entry. The secondary means of entry shall be a Swimming Pool Lift, sloped entry, a transfer wall, a transfer system, or pool stairs.

(for more detail you can visit www.access-board.gov)


-How to determine if my pool is required to be accessible?

All commercial pools & spas are required to be accessible, they are defined as:

Title II (Public Industry) - municipal pools, school pools, government owned pools, etc.

Title III (Private Industry) - Place of recreation and/or place of lodging which addresses public accommodations, or facilities that receive Federal funds need to comply.

-Are there certain ADA requirements that I should look for in a Swimming Pool Lift?
Here are the 3 basic requirements to check on your Swimming Pool Lift:

1)Swimming Pool Lift must have a capacity of 300lbs or more.
(ADA advisory - 1009.2.9 Swimming Pool Lifts should be provided that meet the needs of the population they serve. Providing a Swimming Pool Lift with a weight capacity greater that 300lbs may be advisable.)

2)Swimming Pool Lifts must have a solid seat & footrest. Sling seat styles are not compliant and should be replaced.

3)Swimming Pool Lift must be operable from the deck and water. A Swimming Pool Lift with a manual rotate or hand crank is not compliant and should be replaced.

-I have multiple spas & pools at a facility, can I share a Swimming Pool Lift?
The standard requires that each operational pool be accessible. Sharing a Swimming Pool Lift does not satisfy the standards and may create safety issues with stranded swimmers if the Swimming Pool Lift is moved while they are in the pool.

-Are the minimum requirements that must be met at a commercial facility to comply?
Yes, the requirements for Swimming Pool Lifts are:
1) The Swimming Pool Lift must be located at a place no deeper than 48" from the pool's deck.
2) The deck should not slope more than 1:48 (1" in 48")
3) The center line of the seat shall not be closer than 16" to the pools edge.
4) You must have an accessible route to the access point.
5) You must have a clear deck space provided at the side of the Swimming Pool Lift for transferring (48" parallel to the seat measured from 12" behind back of the seat x 36" perpendicular to the side of the seat)

-When determining which Swimming Pool Lift is for me, how do I choose my location?
There are certain measurements that become very important at your location. The list below will assist you in narrowing down you Swimming Pool Lift

1) Type of gutter system - The measurement from you deck to you pool wall.
2) The height & width of any walls that you may need to clear.
3) The water to the deck measurement.