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From Stair Lifts, Ramps & Vertical Platform Lifts, let Forever Active help you with Getting In and Out of the House. We can work with you to determine the right solution for you and your home. An accessible entryway is one of the most essential elements in a home, for you and your visitors. You need to be able to enter and exit through at least one doorway to your home. We have many Universal Design features below that will help you achieve that.
  Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts - are an important accessibility option when trying to get up to and into your house especially with homes that have steps at the front and back doors. A simple rule is that if the rise is more than 30” you should consider ...

  Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs)
  • VPLs are an excellent solution when a Portable or Modular Ramp won’t work.
• Lifting a passenger in their wheelchair from as little as 20 inches up to 12 feet, a VPL can be installed in the garage or adjacent to a porch to lift the wh...
  Modular Aluminum Ramps
  • Metal and combination metal/wood ramps are faster to install because they typically don’t require a building permit.
• Their modular design, made of aluminum or steel, gives them great flexibility and they don’t require concrete fo...
  Portable Aluminum Ramps
Wheelchair Ramps
  • Great for short-term applications or for areas that only need a ramp occasionally • Portable Ramps are easily stored out of the way • Aluminum threshold Ramps are also a great solution for that last step into the house. Roll-A-Ramps (pic...
  Wooden and Concrete Ramps
  • Site built ramps are the lowest cost option for longer ramps and can be tastefully integrated into landscaping.
• Site built ramps may require a building permit and can be customized to the specific site.
  TriLift Car Lifts
  TRILIFT is an innovative breakthrough in mobility scooter and power wheelchair transportation solutions. It's small size and weight help to minimize interference with your vehicle's operation. Trilift's lifting capabilities are compatible with all...
  Automatic Door Openers
  • Automatic door openers, operated with remote controls or push buttons, are a “no hands” way to open or close a door
• Teamed with remote controlled deadbolts – Automatic Door Openers provide security and ease of access.