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Widening Doorways, Closet & Kitchen Modifications, Overhead Lifts. Our business is to provide accessible solutions. We help our customers with disabilities and those who are Aging in Place to remain safely, comfortably and independently in their homes. It’s a busy place for any family, no matter how big or small. The living/family room is the entertainment center in most homes. It’s where you read, relax, watch TV and entertain company. The room should be comfortable, easy to get around in and safe.
  Overhead Lifts
  With Overhead Lifts, you can lift and transfer patients with minimal effort and maximum safety., regardless of how the room is furnished. Overhead lifts are always available, easy and safe to use – for the patient as well as for the caregiver. ...
  Closet Modifications
  Some simple modifications in the closet can give individuals with varying degrees of disability autonomy in dressing. A Pull Down Closet Rod makes high hanging clothes easy to reach. Its adjustable width can fit any size closet.
  Kitchen Modifications
  Using the kitchen is often a frustration for our customers, and we know how to help. Some of our options include accessible door handles and cabinets, roll-under counter-tops and cook-tops, and special cabinets designed for accessibility. Forever ...

Doors and Doorways: Doors and Doorways can often create surprising barriers. Forever Active often widens doorways or reverses the swing of doors to create the extra room required. If only a little additional space is needed - “swing-cl...